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About Active Together

Personalised support for people with cancer

Active Together offers fitness, nutrition and wellbeing support for people following a cancer diagnosis. Delivered by a team of specialists, the service helps patients prepare for and recover from cancer treatment.

Learn more about Active Together using the options below, then visit the find your nearest centre page to see if it's right for you.

Active Together explained

Our cancer specialists

Based on the latest academic research, Active Together has been designed by a team of cancer specialists from the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University to provide personalised support for people diagnosed with cancer. Supported by NHS professionals and delivered by dietitians, clinical psychologists, exercise specialists and physiotherapists.

An Active Together clinician

Interested in taking part?

Active Together will soon be available at a number of centres across Yorkshire. Find out whether there is a centre local to you and how to take part.

Find your nearest centre

Active Together has made a big impact on my life. They’ve helped me recover tremendously from my cancer treatment. I’m now more active and feel more like myself than ever before.

Active Together participant
Active Together participant taking part in an exercise session