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Supporting people to prepare for and recover from cancer treatment

There is growing research evidence that exercise before, during and after cancer treatment can increase treatment options, improve the effectiveness of cancer treatments, increase long-term survival and lower the risk of reoccurrence.

Active Together helps people diagnosed with cancer to prepare for and recover from treatment through personalised support with physical activity, nutrition and wellbeing.

The benefits of physical activity after a cancer diagnosis

Reduce side effects and complications

Taking part in Active Together can reduce side effects from cancer and treatment making recovery easier. It can also reduce the likelihood of complications from surgery.

Reduce hospital stay

Early data shows patients who have taken part in Active Together before their surgery spend less time in hospital and less time in critical care.

Access to previously unsuitable treatments

Increased fitness, endurance and muscle strength can allow people to receive treatments that were not previously available to them, giving them the best chance to recover from cancer.

Improve the likelihood of survival

Current evidence shows that the risk of cancer-specific mortality could be reduced by 22% to 47%.

Reduce the risk of cancer recurrence

Evidence currently suggests that the risk of any cancer recurrence could be reduced by 3% to 66%.

Yorkshire Cancer Research aims to fund more fitness and wellbeing programmes across Yorkshire, through the opening of its own centres and also by working in partnership with hospitals and in local communities.

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