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Ethics statement

Yorkshire Cancer Research’s mission is to help people avoid, survive and cope with cancer. The ability to build and maintain trust with donors, beneficiaries and the wider public is critical to this mission.

As such, the Charity requires ethical standards of conduct from everyone with whom it has a relationship. This includes, but is not limited to, Trustees, advisers, employees, volunteers, Research Advisory Panel members, award holders, funding applicants, third-party suppliers and contractors.

Ethical principles must underpin anything done for and on behalf of the Charity:

No individual should use, or be perceived to attempt to use, their position for personal gain or to benefit another at the expense of the Charity or its mission.

No one should act in a way that could be perceived as likely to compromise the independence or integrity of the Charity.

The public benefit of any activity undertaken by the Charity should outweigh any incidental private benefit that might accrue as a result of that activity.

The Charity must not be compromised. Everyone concerned with the Charity is expected to:

- act with honesty and integrity, and never knowingly mislead anyone.
- protect confidential information gained through any relationship with the Charity.
- be impartial and make known any personal interests.
- not create an unacceptable conflict of interests.
- refrain from giving or receiving anything which may be perceived as an inducement, including hospitality or any gift/reward.

The Charity will not become involved in any kind of arrangement:

- which might affect its reputation, ability to fulfil its mission or independence of thought or action.
- with a party who remains anonymous or acts through an intermediary who is not prepared to identify the party concerned.
- which could, in the judgment of the Trustees, damage the effective operation of the Charity in delivering its mission
e.g. because such arrangement would harm the Charity’s relationship with other benefactors, donors, partners or stakeholders.

The Charity will not accept involvement of any nature with:

- any person or entity which develops or manufactures tobacco products; and/orany person or entity which makes the majority of its profits from the importation, marketing, sale or disposal of tobacco products; and/or
- any person or entity controlled by or under common Control* of persons referred to above.

*Control means possession (directly or indirectly) of 50% or more of the voting stock or other equity interest with the power to vote or control management decisions through the ownership of securities or by contract or otherwise.