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Professor Mat Callister

Professor Mat Callister

Consultant in Respiratory Medicine at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Honorary Professor at the University of Leeds

Professor Matt Calister standing in front of a CT scanner on the Leeds Lung Health Check mobile screening unit

Earlier diagnosis of lung cancer

Professor Mat Callister, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, is leading the ‘Leeds Lung Health Check’ mobile lung cancer screening trial. This innovative, research-led cancer service is helping to detect cancer at an early stage when treatment is more effective.

Lung cancer is the biggest cause of cancer-related death in Yorkshire where, each and every week 82 people are diagnosed with the disease and a further 58 families lose a loved one to it.

During the past four years, thousands of people living in the city have taken part in the Leeds Lung Health Check, which is funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research and offers scans to those referred by the GP because they are at highest risk of lung cancer.

Now the findings gathered as part of this huge clinical trial have contributed to the evidence needed to bring lung screening to people living across the whole country.

“The innovations led by the trial have been submitted to the UK National Screening Committee to help determine how a national lung cancer screening programme could be introduced. The new funding will yield further evidence to shape lung cancer screening in the UK while saving more lives in Leeds."

Lead Consultant, Leeds Lung Health Check
The team from the Leeds Lung Health Check, funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research, standing outside the mobile lung screening unit