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Patient and public involvement

The input and perspective of people living with cancer, carers and former carers is vital in making sure our work is relevant and has a real impact on lives in Yorkshire.

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) is the practice of inviting members of the public to get involved in the running of an organisation or project, often on a special panel or committee. Members are encouraged to use their own personal experience to help highlight issues and priorities viewed as important by the public.

Yorkshire Cancer Research requires that all funded researchers practice good PPI. We ask all applicants to explain how they will involve the public in the design and development of their research proposal and require that a layperson has reviewed the proposal prior to submission. All Award holders are encouraged to include PPI representation on their Steering Groups to review the progress and provide a unique perspective to the panel.

Yorkshire Cancer Research is committed to having PPI within the Charity and the research it funds. Yorkshire Cancer Research is proud to have stakeholders representing the public within our Research Advisory Panel (RAP), which influences the Charity’s priorities as well as the research projects we fund each year.

Research advisory panel

The Research Advisory Panel provides a critical role in helping to evaluate funding proposals, ensuring we only fund the best research that fits most closely with the Charity’s mission: Taking action today to have the biggest impact on cancer for people in Yorkshire.

Discover the Research Advisory Panel
The team from the Leeds Lung Health Check, funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research, standing outside the mobile lung screening unit