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Information for Executors

If someone you care about has passed away and left Yorkshire Cancer Research a gift in their Will, we're here to help make things easier for you.

We are on hand to provide any support you may need to help carry out your loved one's final wishes. Although we can't give legal advice, we will assist you in any way we can.

Please contact the Gifts in Wills team as soon as it's convenient for you. You can call the team on 01423 642 805 or email

How do I know if a gift is meant for Yorkshire Cancer Research?

The gift in the Will is likely to be for us if it mentions:

  • Our registered charity number (RCN) 516898. Our RCN is unique to us as a charity
  • Our name, or a variation of our name (for example Yorkshire Cancer Research Campaign)
  • Our current or a previous Head Office address or the address of one of our shops, a reference to one of our local voluntary committees or another address related to Yorkshire Cancer Research.

How do I make payment of a fixed sum (pecuniary) gift in a Will?

If Yorkshire Cancer Research has been left a fixed sum of money (also known as a pecuniary legacy), please send a cheque for the correct amount made payable to Yorkshire Cancer Research, with a covering letter letting us know the following details:

  • the full name of the deceased
  • their last address - this will also allow us to prevent any future mailings, as we know this can be distressing at a difficult time
  • the executor’s name and contact details
  • any information about the reason for the legacy. We'd love to learn more about the person who has left this gift. If you're happy to tell us more about their life, please let us know.

Don’t worry – your details as executor won't be added to any mailing lists because you contacted us about a legacy (unless of course, you wish to be added to our mailing list!).

Please address your letter to:

Gifts in Wills Team
Yorkshire Cancer Research
Hornbeam Square West
Harrogate, HG2 8PA

You can also pay directly into our bank account:

Lloyds Bank plc, 6 Park Row, Leeds LS1 1NX
Account Name:
Yorkshire Cancer Research
Account Number:
Sort Code:
30 00 05

Before making a payment, please contact the Gifts in Wills team on 01423 642 805 or email to let us know about the legacy and we will give you a reference number to quote when making the online payment.

Unfortunately, gifts in Will payments cannot be made online via our website, or over the telephone.

How do I make payment of a share or percentage of an estate (residuary legacy or gift)?

We appreciate that administering an estate can be complex and take some time, especially if there is a property to be sold. When you’re ready to apply for Probate - or earlier, if possible – please send us a copy of the Will and a list of the estate’s assets and liabilities. This will help us to understand if there’s any further information we might need from you or anything that we can help you with. As a charity, we have a different tax status to other beneficiaries, so some assets may need to be treated in a particular way. The sooner we can advise you of this, the better.

When we have been left a share of the estate (also known as a residuary legacy) we’re also required by the Charity Commission and our auditors to ask for certain information to show how the amount we have received has been calculated. We would therefore appreciate seeing a copy of the Estate Accounts at the end of the administration. These are the final accounts showing the transactions that have taken place over the course of the administration. These do not need to be complex, just a list of the values of the assets realised and the payments made from the estate.

Once the estate has been finalised, payment of a residuary legacy can be made in the same way as a pecuniary legacy (see above).

What do I need to know about gifts in Wills and tax exemption?

As a registered charity, we're exempt from inheritance and capital gains tax and some aspects of income tax. These exemptions apply to legacy gifts and can increase the value of a gift at no additional cost to any beneficiary. For more information, please contact us.

Unfortunately, gifts in Wills are not eligible for Gift Aid.

How do I include Yorkshire Cancer Research in my own Will?

Please see our useful Will-writing information here: