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Research Advisory Panel

The Research Advisory Panel provides a critical role in helping to evaluate funding proposals, ensuring we only fund the best research that fits most closely with the Charity’s mission: Taking action today to have the biggest impact on cancer for people in Yorkshire.

Our panel consists of stakeholders and experts and their primary role is assessing applications for funding. Our independent stakeholders are patients, lay people and those who work or have worked in cancer healthcare. Our experts are respected subject opinion leaders including researchers, scientists, clinicians and commercial experts. These important people represent a considerable breadth of knowledge and experience in national and international research.

The Panel meets to assess applications in our funding rounds and discuss how these fit in with the objectives of the Charity. There are two stages: the Strategic Fit Test and the Research Advisory Meeting.

As well as the funding round, we have other opportunities throughout the year where the input of Stakeholders on our research is extremely valuable.

The purpose of the Panel is to provide advice and comment on the merits of each research application to enable the Executive to make appropriate funding recommendations to the Board of Trustees, which satisfy the Charity’s core purpose and strategic aims.

Throughout our application review process, we ensure any conflicts of interest are identified and managed appropriately and we treat everything with the strictest of confidence.

Apply to join

If you would like more information or are interested in joining the panel, please contact the Research Team by emailing or calling 01423 613483.


As a Yorkshire Cancer Research stakeholder panel member for the last 2 years, I have really enjoyed participating in how the vision for the future is shaped. Analysis of funding applications with my peers has taught me new skills I can take forward. Having the opportunity to do some media work to increase uptake for cervical cancer screening has allowed me the opportunity to help educate young women from a Muslim background to the importance of screening to prevent future cancer deaths and allow for early intervention.

Stakeholder member

Research Advisory Panel Members

We have two cohorts on our panel, Stakeholders and Experts and their primary role is with the assessment of applications in our annual funding rounds.


Mrs Christine Allmark

Mrs Naggina Asaf

Mrs Samina Begum

Mrs Debbie Beirne

Ms Sylvia Bergin

Ms Ruby Bhatti OBE

Prof Nick Bosanquet

Mr Peter Buckle

Mrs Jackie Buxton

Dr Martie Duvenage

Mr Neil Garner

Mr Peter Hogg

Mrs Rehana Haq

Mrs Saima Javeed

Ms Annie Jones

Mrs Allyson Kent

Mrs Tracy Lister

Dr Robert Maida

Mr Paul Newman

Mrs Alison Port

Miss Stacey Sewell

Mr David Spillane

Ms Sara Williamson

Mrs Theeda Phe Kali Winter


Prof Samreen Ahmed

Leicester teaching hospitals (Hon prof at university), Consultant in Medical Oncology

Professor Athene Lane

Professor of Trials Research

Mr Tim Batchelor

St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London

Dr Richard Booton

University of Manchester, Manchester Thoracic Oncology Centre

Dr Lucy Brindle

University of Southampton, Faculty of Health Sciences

Professor John Britton

University of Nottingham, Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology

Dr Christine Campbell

University of Edinburgh, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

Prof Helen Coleman

Queen’s University Belfast, Centre for Public Health

Prof Jack Cuzick

Queen Mary University of London, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine

Prof Amanda Daley

University of Loughborough, School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

Miss Farhat V N Din

University of Edinburgh, Clinician Scientist & Honorary Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Prof Stephen Duffy

Queen Mary University London, Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine

Prof Helena Earl

Prof Douglas Easton

Professor of Genetic Epidemiology & Director of the Centre for Cancer Genetic Epidemiology, University of Cambridge

Prof Richard Emsley

King's College London, Professor of Medical Statistics & Trials Methodology

Prof Emma Hall

The Institute of Cancer Research

Dr Michelle Harvie

University of Manchester, Manchester Breast Centre

Dr David Landau

King’s College London, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust

Prof Kwok Leung Cheung

Professor of Breast Surgery and Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Nottingham

Dr Anne Mackie

Public Health England (London & South East), Director of Screening

Prof Jane Maher

Macmillan Cancer Support, Chief Medical Officer

Prof Usha Menon

UCL, Professor of Gynaecological Cancer

Prof Peter Murchie

University of Aberdeen, Institute of Applied Health Science

Dr Neal Navani

University College London Hospitals, Clinical Lead for Lung Cancer and Bronchoscopy

Prof Caitlin Notley

University of East Anglia, Norwich Medical School, Professor of Addiction Sciences

Prof Mary O’Brien

Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Consultant Medical Oncologist and the Head of the Lung Unit

Dr Deepak Prashar

University of Warwick

Prof Andrew Renehan

University of Manchester, Division of Cancer Sciences

Dr Angela Rodrigues

Northumbria University, Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology

Prof Greg Rubin

Newcastle University, Institute of Health and Society

Prof Suzanne Scott

Queen Mary University of London

Prof Lion Shahab

University College London, Institute of Epidemiology and Health

Prof Debbie Sharp

University of Bristol, Bristol Population Health Science Institute

Dr Rohini Sharma

Imperial College London, Senior lecturer & Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (Hammersmith Hospital), Honorary Consultant

Prof Linda Sharp

Royal Victoria Infirmary (Newcastle), Sir James Spence Institute

Dr Jessica Sheringham

University College London, Dept. of Applied Health Research

Prof Robert Steele

University of Dundee, School of Medicine

Prof James Turner

Dr Christian Von Wagner

University College London, Institute of Epidemiology and Health

Prof Eila Watson

Oxford Brookes University, School of nursing and Midwifery

Prof Sally Wyke

University of Glasgow, Institute of Health & Wellbeing

"I have found the whole experience of being a lay member of the panel tremendously rewarding. To read the applications for funding, see them through the process and then hear about the sometimes life changing final outcomes makes my little bit of effort so worthwhile."

Stakeholder member

"As a member of the Advisory Panel for Yorkshire Cancer Research for 4 years, it was a privilege to be involved in shaping research strategy, enabling better outcomes for people with cancer and bringing innovation to cancer care."

Clinical Oncologist