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Our strategy

Funding research that saves lives in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is one of the regions hardest hit by cancer.  Sadly, people in the region are more likely to have their lives cut short by cancer than almost anywhere else in England. 

Yorkshire Cancer Research is dedicated to changing this. 

  • Our vision is that people in Yorkshire live longer healthier lives free of cancer.
  • Our mission is to take action today to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer more effectively in Yorkshire.

We believe in research led innovation and all our charitable activities focus on delivering solutions and real benefits to the people in Yorkshire. 

We are committed to investing £100m in ground-breaking research and our annual research funding call invites applications in the following topics: 

  • Reducing the risk of developing cancer
  • Improving early diagnosis and cancer screening. 
  • Improving treatments
  • Reducing cancer-related health inequalities

The goal for any project submitted to the round must be to save or extend lives and where possible the majority recruitment should be from within the region. All projects must be testing an intervention, with the emphasis on solving problems rather than describing them and all interventions under investigation must be sufficiently developed or evidence-based to support testing in the population. Finally, but importantly all applicants must consider and provide details of how they will seek to recruit populations that are representative of the Yorkshire population with the condition under investigation.


Patient and public involvement

Stakeholders (lay) members of our Research Advisory Panel (RAP) are involved in assessment of all research applications that are submitted for funding. They sit alongside expert panel members and their views are regarded equally when considering whether projects should be funded or not.

We encourage all research projects to be co-designed with patients and the public and all projects must involve patients and the public throughout the development, delivery and dissemination of their research.

Impact assessment

It is important that we monitor the progress of all our Awards and all Award holders are asked to provide data throughout their study to allow us to monitor progress and impact against our strategic aims.

Read the full Research Strategy

To read in full please download the full Research Strategy document.