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Vaping Demystified

This short investigative film provides smokers with the information needed to make an informed decision about using vape products.

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"After a year of stopping smoking, I felt better in myself. I didn't feel out of breath all the time, I just felt alive."

Mike tells us about his experience of using vaping products to stop smoking, and the benefit it's had on his health.
Mike's experience

Key facts

  1. Smoking is Yorkshire’s leading cause of preventable cancer and is responsible for over 4500 new cases each year
  2. Cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals, of which 69 are known to cause cancer.
  3. 1 in 2 long-term smokers will die prematurely if they don’t quit.
  4. It is never too late to stop smoking. Quitting at any age can lengthen and improve quality of life, even for those with a smoking-related illness.
  5. The evidence is clear that vaping is far less harmful than smoking. Switching completely can improve the health of smokers substantially, compared to continuing to smoke.
  6. Vapour does not cause harm to others around you. This is in contrast to secondhand smoke from smoking, which is very harmful to the health of others.
  7. Vaping products are the most popular stop smoking aid in England. We have estimated that there are up to 5000 additional quitters a year in Yorkshire because of them.
  8. Vaping products are not completely risk-free. Non-smokers should therefore not start vaping.

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