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Yorkshire Cancer Research hosts event at Palace of Westminster

Giving Yorkshire more life to live was the focus of an event hosted in Westminster by Yorkshire Cancer Research.

MPs, supporters and potential donors came together at the event, held in the Palace of Westminster, on Wednesday 8 November, to hear the charity’s ambitious plans to help prevent, diagnose and treat cancer across Yorkshire.

Representatives from Yorkshire Cancer Research standing in front of the Palace of Westminster

Attendees heard about the challenges faced by the region, which has some of the worst cancer outcomes in England¹, as well as the charity’s aims to fund innovative research, improve early diagnosis rates and bring more ground-breaking clinical trials to Yorkshire.

World-leading academics and clinicians funded by the charity were also in attendance to discuss the impact their work is having in Yorkshire and beyond.

Speakers included Dr Kathryn Scott, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Cancer Research, chairman Sir Alan Langlands, and Director of Research, Services and Policy, Dr Stuart Griffiths.

Jacqueline Buxton, who wrote the book ‘Tea and Chemo’ following her experience with breast cancer, shared her experience and told attendees about her time as a member of the charity’s research advisory panel.

She said: “It was a pleasure to speak on behalf of Yorkshire Cancer Research, a charity which is clearly pushing to make new breakthroughs against cancer and save lives. I’m hopeful that there were some people in that room who will be inspired to add their support to the cause.”

“It was fantastic to bring Yorkshire’s cancer challenges to Westminster and share our charity’s ambitions for the region, and beyond.

People with cancer are at the heart of everything we do, and it was a real pleasure to bring to life the charity’s strategic aims and how supporters are giving Yorkshire more life to live.”

Chief Executive at Yorkshire Cancer Research

Andrew Jones, MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough who attended the event explained that he had recently attended the charity’s new centre which will provide a new exercise and wellbeing service to help establish how exercise before, during and after cancer treatment is helping people with cancer recover more effectively and reduce the likelihood of cancer returning.

He said: “I have enormous respect for the work of Yorkshire Cancer Research. The charity is making a vital contribution in the mission to reduce cancer levels in Yorkshire and for the research and learnings to inform the nationwide approach to cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

“I have seen first-hand the service the charity is offering in my constituency, and I have learnt about the specialist work they do. This is an impressive operation with an impressive team.”

Event attendees also included representatives of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), which has committed £835,000 to support Yorkshire Cancer Research’s exercise and wellbeing centre in North Yorkshire.

Panos Papoulias, SNF Chief Operating Officer, and Elianna Konialis, SNF’s Global Health Initiative Grant Manager, said:

“The Stavros Niarchos Foundation is keen to support the work of Yorkshire Cancer Research and contribute towards the funding of its new exercise and wellbeing centres across Yorkshire as we believe the research the charity is doing to understand how exercise can benefit people with cancer has global significance in the worldwide treatment and prevention of cancer. The fact that people in Yorkshire can benefit first is also important given the prevalence and the impact of cancer in the region.”


Nikki Brady, PR Manager

Yorkshire Cancer Research

Tel: 07814 255159