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Yorkshire Cancer Research launches new ‘We Walk for Yorkshire’ challenge

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Emma Jacob


The charity is launching a new 31,000 mile walking challenge to help raise funds for world-leading cancer research.

A woman taking part in the We Walk For Yorkshire campaign walks through Meanwood A man taking part in the We Walk For Yorkshire Campaign walks down some steps outside

Yorkshire Cancer Research is bringing people together through its ‘We Walk for Yorkshire’ campaign. Those taking part will help achieve a collective total of 31,000 miles throughout May, representing the number of people diagnosed with cancer in Yorkshire each year.

The campaign aims to encourage people to get outdoors and enjoy being active, while also raising awareness of the important role exercise plays in cancer prevention and treatment.

Those taking part can set their distance, which can be completed in their own time throughout the month of May. The challenges can be adapted to fit all lifestyles and fitness levels, from getting out with the dog every day to walking the 450-mile equivalent of the Yorkshire border.

Yorkshire is one of the regions hardest hit by cancer, with people being more likely to have their lives cut short by cancer than almost anywhere else in England.

“We Walk for Yorkshire is an opportunity to come together, get active and help fund vital cancer research and services for people in our region.

“The campaign will also help raise awareness of the importance of exercise in cancer prevention and treatment, and of the work the charity is funding to better understand the benefits of exercise for people with cancer.”

Chief Executive at Yorkshire Cancer Research

There is increasing evidence that exercise before, during and after cancer treatment can improve survival, reduce side effects and complications from treatment, and lower the chance of cancer coming back.

Yorkshire Cancer Research funds a pioneering exercise programme to help people prepare for and recover from cancer treatment. The ‘Active Together’ programme offers personalised fitness, nutritional and wellbeing support for people with cancer.

Funds raised as part of We Walk for Yorkshire will help continue to fund pioneering research and services like Active Together.

People can sign up to take part in We Walk for Yorkshire on the charity’s website, where they can choose their own challenge and set up a fundraising page to share with friends and family.

The miles clocked up by each person taking part will contribute to the overall campaign total, so every step will make a difference.

To find out more about the campaign and sign up to take part, visit the We Walk For Yorkshire website.

A woman stands in the Yorkshire countryside, a graphic added to the photo reads "We Walk For Yorkshire: 31,000 miles in May"