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QUIT Programme

The QUIT Programme is a new initiative which will transform the way tobacco addiction is tackled in our hospitals, offering patients who smoke access to effective treatments and support as part of their routine care.

Man in blue shirt snaps a cigarette in half

This groundbreaking programme is being delivered by South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System in partnership with Yorkshire Cancer Research, five local authorities and local Stop Smoking Services.

It has the potential to save up to 2000 lives and 4000 hospital readmissions a year. This intervention is vital to the health of people in this locality, where nearly 200,000 people smoke.

Yorkshire Cancer Research is providing £1.8 million to fund 45 specialist tobacco treatment advisors, reaching every hospital patient in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw with the support they need to stop smoking for good. This will reduce the risk of premature death from a wide range of smoking-related cancers and save many families from the devastation that cancer brings.


cancers diagnosed in South Yorkshire every year are caused by smoking


we're funding 45 specialist tobacco treatment advisors

A day in the life of a Tobacco Treatment Advisor

Steve is one of 45 Tobacco Treatment Advisors working as part of The QUIT Programme. Funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research, they work with hospital patients across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw to support them as they cut out cigarettes for good.

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A day in the life - Tobacco Treatment Advisor, Steve

QUIT Programme video overview


South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System

Every 17 minutes someone is diagnosed with cancer in Yorkshire

Our aim is for more people to survive cancer, here in Yorkshire and beyond.

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