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Travel and Publication Awards

Researchers funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research can apply for funding to support the dissemination of data and outcomes of their Yorkshire Cancer Research Funded Awards.

How to apply

  1. Please ensure you have read all the information provided on this page
  2. You must use the Flexi-Grant portal to submit your application
  3. You must be the Award holder or funded directly from a Yorkshire Cancer Research Award


Applications will be accepted from any individual supported directly from a Yorkshire Cancer Research Award* to disseminate data from a specific Award. Applicants other than the Principal Investigators should submit a letter of support from the main Award holder. Applicants that have not applied for travel funding within the last three years will be prioritised.

*Please note applications from the University of Sheffield, funded through the ‘More Life to Live fund’ (MLTL) or the Sheffield Pioneers Fund are not eligible to apply for travel and publication Awards.

Publication Award

Publication Award applications should contain a quote from the journal for the cost, where possible. We do not cover the VAT on publications. You will be expected to upload the paper as part of the submission of your application. Further information is provided within the application form.

Apply for a Publication Award

Travel Award

Travel Award applications should provide as much evidence as possible on the transport costs. We will only support standard travel cost and encourage Early Bird Registration where possible. Reasonable accommodation and subsistence cost can be claimed. As this Award is to promote the dissemination of results from your Award you will be required to share the poster/presentation abstract at the time of submission. The final presentation/poster should also be shared with the Charity for approval using the Research Output Form via the Flexi-Grant portal, prior to the meeting. Further information is provided within the application form.

Apply for a Travel Award


Invoices for Publication Awards should be submitted within 6 months of the Award approval date. Invoices for Travel Awards should be received within 3 months of the date of travel/event. All invoices should be sent to with backing data/receipts, any delays should be reported to

Key information

Read our award FAQs

If you have any questions please contact or call our research team 01423 613483.