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Survey: Exercise following a cancer diagnosis

Exercise before, during and after cancer treatment has been shown to significantly improve someone’s chance of surviving cancer, reduce the chance their cancer will come back in the future, and help them recover more quickly from treatment.

We surveyed 2000 people living in Yorkshire, and 500 people living with and beyond cancer in the region, about their knowledge, beliefs and experiences in relation to exercise and cancer.

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Two participants in a boxercise class An exercise practitioner guiding a patient through an exercise

What do people in Yorkshire know about exercise and cancer?

We asked 2000 people in Yorkshire whether they thought exercise following a cancer diagnosis was safe.

8 in 10

thought it was safe

2 in 10

either thought it was dangerous or didn't know

What do people with cancer think about taking part in exercise?

We asked 500 people living with cancer in Yorkshire about exercise following a cancer diagnosis


said their healthcare team did not discuss exercise with them following their diagnosis

only 5%

said they took part in a specialised cancer exercise programme following their cancer diagnosis.


said they would not have taken part in a specialised exercise programme had they been offered it.