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Active Together

What is Active Together?

Active Together is a pioneering service developed by world-leading academics and clinicians at Sheffield Hallam University’s Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC), offering free, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing support to people following a cancer diagnosis.

Research has shown that regular activity, before, during and after cancer treatment can help cancer patients in many ways. Through Active Together, Yorkshire Cancer Research continues to research exercise and cancer to help better understand the life changing benefits it will bring to people.

Interested in taking part in Active Together?

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and want to know if Active Together is right for you, find out more on the dedicated website.

Active Together Website

Peter's experience

Why is this service needed?

Research shows that regular exercise, a healthy diet and good mental wellbeing before, during and after cancer treatment can help patients in many ways including:

  • Being able to tolerate cancer treatment better
  • Increased access to previously unsuitable treatments
  • Fewer complications from surgery
  • Feeling less tired and having a better mood
  • Spending fewer days in hospital
  • Less chance of the cancer coming back.

Who can take part?

Yorkshire Cancer Research is growing the Active Together service so more people can benefit from fitness, nutrition and wellbeing support as part of their cancer treatment.

The service is currently accepting referrals made by Clinical Nurse Specialists at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trusts for people diagnosed with upper gastrointestinal (GI), colorectal, lung, gynaecological, head and neck or urological cancer.

Self-referrals are now being accepted at the Yorkshire Cancer Research Centre in Hornbeam Park, Harrogate. You can find out more about the service and register your interest here.


Sheffield Hallam University Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

There’s always been somebody with me and they’ve always been attentive towards me and to be honest they got me through the operation because they really improved my movement.

Former Active Together participant
Elaine sat on a sofa at home

Want to find out more?

Discover more about Active Together, read about the benefits, find resources and search for your nearest centre.

Active Together Website