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APHRODITE: Enhancing radiotherapy for bowel cancer patients

Some patients with rectal cancer are not able to have it removed by surgery. They may suffer from symptoms as their cancer grows, including pain, diarrhoea and the need for a stoma (bowel bag). 

For these patients, radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy is used. A standard dose of radiotherapy given over 5.5 weeks can lead to the cancer disappearing in about one third of patients. 

This research programme aims to find out if a higher radiotherapy dose given over the same time will give greater benefit to patients with acceptable side effects. This could lead to better treatment and improved quality of life. 

Read the academic trial summary

Lead researcher

Dr Ane Appelt

Yorkshire Cancer Research Academic Fellow, University of Leeds

Dr Simon Gollins

Consultant in Clinical Oncology, North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre and Visiting Professor, Bangor University

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