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The APPROACH trial, funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research and led by researchers at University College London, aims to test whether a physical activity mobile app can be used to help patients diagnosed with breast, prostate, or bowel cancer to become more active.

The app is offered to cancer patients alongside support and guidance from specialists.

The study is also exploring whether the use of the app to increase physical activity improves quality of life and reduces cancer-related side effects.

Why is this study needed?

Evidence shows that increasing exercise after a cancer diagnosis can reduce the risk of dying by as much as 40% for people with bowel or breast cancer, compared with those who are inactive.

There is also evidence to suggest that those who exercise during and after treatment have a reduced risk of the cancer returning.

Yorkshire Cancer Research is committed to saving 2,000 more lives from cancer in Yorkshire by 2025. By funding research into exercise and cancer, we can help more people survive cancer in the region.

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How will the study benefit people in Yorkshire?

The APPROACH team recruited 90 people from Yorkshire to take part in a pilot trial. Once the pilot trial is completed, the team will begin recruitment of around 500 people for a larger trial across Yorkshire.

Yorkshire has high levels of cancer cases, deaths and physical inactivity, which means that helping patients take part in exercise could significantly reduce deaths from cancer and improve quality of life for people living in the region.

If the APPROACH trial is successful, the use of exercise apps and tailored support for cancer patients could be rolled out across the region as part of standard cancer care.

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Dr Abigail Fisher

Associate Professor, Behavioural Science and Health, UCL

Dr Pippa Lally

Senior Lecturer, Habit Application & Theory Research Group, University of Surrey

Dr Fiona Kennedy

APPROACH Trial Manager, University of Leeds

Every 17 minutes someone is diagnosed with cancer in Yorkshire

Our aim is for more people to survive cancer, here in Yorkshire and beyond.

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