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CANVAS trial: Improving surveillance and support for patients with bowel and breast cancer

This project aims to improve the support for patients with bowel and breast cancer after treatment.

Currently, follow-up care for breast cancer involves patients managing symptoms themselves and contacting professionals if needed. For bowel cancer, follow-up involves planned hospital appointments which include scans and tests checking to see if the cancer has come back. 

This programme is developing an online system where patients report any symptoms they have during treatment, with the plan to make this online system (partially funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research) available for breast and bowel cancer survivors. 

This system will allow patients to report any symptoms or problems online from home, and then get immediate advice either on how to manage their symptoms themselves or to come in for a hospital appointment.

Professionals will be able to view reports in real time in the patient's hospital records, along with any scans or tests, which will help assist their clinical decisions. 

Part of this research will be to check if patients and doctors find the system easy to use and feel that patient treatment has been improved by using it.

Lead researcher

Professor Galina Velikova

Professor of Psychosocial and Medical Oncology, University of Leeds

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