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Capturing patient and caregiver needs

Effectiveness and cost-effectives of a needs assessment tool in primary care for people with active cancer with regard to unmet patient and caregiver need, compared with usual care.

People with cancer can experience distressing symptoms, worries and concerns from diagnosis to advanced disease; some get better supportive and palliative care than others. 

Use of a guide to check for problems can improve care. This programme has adapted a guide to help GPs (family doctors) and practice nurses identify and manage the needs and concerns of people with cancer and their family carers. 

The programme will conduct a trial with 62 general practices. Half will be randomly assigned to be trained and use the guide. Any effects on patients'/carers' concerns and healthcare costs will be compared with practices providing usual care. 

Read the academic trial summary

Lead researcher

Professor Miriam Johnson

Professor of Palliative Medicine, University of Hull

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