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Development of a Palliative Care Outcomes Registry

Asking individuals affected by cancer to report their symptoms and concerns, and how these change over time, is important in helping to improve their wellbeing and care.

About the trial

This study will collect symptom information from patients and look at patient outcomes to create an outcomes registry that will be shared with healthcare professionals.

This will allow this information to be used to improve care and wellbeing. Collecting information on symptoms and whether they are improving or worsening over time and using this feedback approach, has been shown to work well in Australia and the USA. The study aims to bring these benefits to cancer patients in Yorkshire and the UK.

Lead researcher

Professor Fliss Murtagh

Professor of Palliative Care, University of Hull

Every 17 minutes someone is diagnosed with cancer in Yorkshire

Our aim is for more people to survive cancer, here in Yorkshire and beyond.

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