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PREHABS: Improving support for lung cancer patients

Yorkshire has more cases of lung cancer diagnosed in a year than anywhere else in the United Kingdom.

Recent advances in radiotherapy have resulted in an increased number of patients that can be cured of lung cancer. Increasingly, patients are surviving their lung cancer but die due to other existing diseases.

The PREHABS project will provide education and lifestyle interventions during and after their radiotherapy treatment. 

The study will assess whether the PREHABS project improves a patient's wellbeing and exercise levels. In addition, it's hoped that the PREHABS programme will make patients live longer after finishing their radiotherapy treatment.

Lead researcher

Dr Kevin Franks

Consultant Clinical Oncologist/Associate Professor, University of Leeds

Dr Carole Burnett

Lead Radiotherapy Research and Innovation Radiographer, University of Leeds

Every 17 minutes someone is diagnosed with cancer in Yorkshire

Our aim is for more people to survive cancer, here in Yorkshire and beyond.

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